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Does Cannabis Help or Worsen Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition that can cause extreme changes in mood. This includes low, depressive episodes and high, manic episodes. These mood swings can be both extreme and unpredictable. Someone living with bipolar disorder can...


Will CBD Liposomes Change the Cannabis Market Forever?

Liposomes are tiny spheres of liquid made up of one or more phospholipid bilayers. They are usually created in a lab by disrupting phospholipids so that they form small protective bubbles. What makes liposomes...


Supercharge Your Brain by using these Herbs.

Herbs are the saving grace of many a strict diet plan. Constantly saluted for their calorie-free, fat-free, junk-free flavor additions, those dashes make the difference between legitimately enjoying clean eating and suffering through another baked chicken breast....